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About Prodent

Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond

Hello! We are Prodent

At Prodent, we go all out to provide you with the personal time you need to discuss and treat your dental needs. We spend quality time with each patient to make sure their questions, concerns, and needs are being fully met. Advances in dental technology allow teeth with even the most severe tooth decay to look 100% natural. Return your smile to its former glory and schedule your comprehensive exam today. 

The process that we use is a systematic computerized approach that ensures minimal invasive treatment. Combined with experience and know-how from a team of professionals, we make the process of smile makeovers longer lasting, comfortable and quick. We take great pride in helping others with their smiles and for the renewed self confidence they feel. You will find we provide incredible attention to detail and will always deliver a beautiful smile that will meet you highest expectations and leave you feeling very happy.

Our Approach & Values

Our team of dentists provides solutions for your complex cases. We pursue continuing education with leading international dental associations, attend global conferences on dental care breakthroughs, and are fully trained to use the cutting edge technology utilized throughout our clinics. Our team members provide excellent care to patients with our cutting edge technology utilized through out our clinics


Our Mission

To provide a comfortable and best dental experience to our patients even for patients who are phobics with dentistry.

We Work With highly qualified Dental Doctors


Always welcome new patients and emergencies 

Perfect your smile with braces and Invisalign

Replace missing teeth and secure loose-fitting dentures

Provide preventative and cosmetic dental treatment for beautiful smiles

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